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The world of “Karasu no shugo Tenshi” called “Aevum” In   the   vastness   of   the   universe   there   are   countless   galaxies   in   which   time   can   vary around   space.   In   one   of   these   galaxies   lies   the   solar   system   with   the   animated planet   "Aevum".   This   solar   system   was   created   by   the   three   siblings   Diana,   Doron and   Pan,   whose   lifes   are   connected   with   the   life   of   the   planet   Aevum.   In   contrast to    many    solar    systems    this    is    still    very    young,    but    there    are    a    variety    of extraordinary   beings   on   the   planet,   which   has   thus   not   been   created   on   other planets, because every planet and every solar system is unique. On   Aevum   live   magicians,   wizards,   demons,   druids,   elves,   angels   and   many   other beings,   who   are   unaware   of   their   three   gods   and   are   also   influenced.   Over   time, the    ordinary    and    thus    the    non-magical    have    concentrated    on    science    and progress.    Thus,    in    modern    times,    electricity,    water    and    all    the    associated amenities are available. The planet itself is divided into five continents: •Nortia (the cold north)  •Portunus (the fertile continent) •Fidus (the desert continent) •Mercurius (the mountainous continent) •Nixi (the cold south) And   an   island,   which   is   not   part   of   a   continent   and   actually   on   almost   no   map listed. The mysterious place "Pays Divisé Island". While   the   two   ice   climes   Nortia   and   Nixi   are   considered   uninhabitable,   Portunus offers   a   rich   and   fertile   land   to   most   of   the   inhabitants   of   the   planet.   Also   many magical   beings   like   the   witches   and   the   demons   appreciate   its   forests.   But   also   on   Mercurius,   the   ordinary   people   have   learned   to   adapt   their   houses   to   the mountainous   landscape   as   well   as   to   partly   integrate   the   rock   walls.   In   the   high   levels,   daemons   often   live,   the   thinner   air   does   not   matter   much   and   also   with less   oxygen   get   along.   The   desert   continent   "Fidus"   was   in   former   times   often   inhabited   by   demons   and   also   preferred.   The   heat   does   not   matter   to   them   and they   are   not   dependent   on   water   and   food.   But   also   some   non-magical   lived   there.   Over   time,   more   and   more   ordinary   people,   druids   and   magicians   lived there. The most impressive buildings of the time are probably the pyramids, which also puzzles the modern population. Doron   (the   god   of   hatred)   is   an   observer   and   lets   the   inhabitants   of   the   planet   develop   freely   according   to   their   will.   Also   his   sister   Diana   (the   goddess   of   love) rarely   interferes   with   the   happenings.   However,   if   she   is   able   to   bring   together   a   pair   of   love,   she   generally   uses   that   kindness.   Pan   (the   god   of   pain),   on   the other hand, likes to spread pain and makes a difference between the peoples. A real evil fellow.