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The Prophecy of Light - Part 3 - The Crow in the Wolf’s Fur You   think   you   saw   the   hell.   You   mean   to   lose   your   loveliest   Person   is   the   hardest,   what   can   happen   to   you.   You   speak   from   the   bad   luck   that   follows   you, or   you   say   you   go   to   hell,   only   your   life   isn't   good   enough   for   you.   You   complain   and   whine   about   your   life,   that   is   so   pathetic.   I   know   the   true   hell   and that has nothing to do with your rubbish. Apollon   stood   in   the   darkness   of   the   alley,   and   he   looked   from   time   to   time   to   a   light   grey   wolf.   He   followed   this   wolf   for   four   days,   and   the   devil   wasn't happy about this. Apollon felt it on his own body… Chapter 1 - Two Personalities Chapter 2 - A new Order Chapter 3 - Corvus and Sentis Chapter 4 - The mysteriously Wolf Chapter 5 - Egeos Death Chapter 6 - The Fight Chapter 7 - The House of the white Magicans Chapter 8 - The Offer Chapter 9 - Corvus freaks out Chapter 10 - A true Friend Chapter 11 - Apollons Lineage Chapter 12 - The Escape Chapter 13 - A white Female Wolf Chapter 14 - Fuscos Search Chapter 15 - Dimidius Chapter 16 - The Safeguarding of the Devil Chapter 17 - Corvus or Apollon Chapter 18 - The Pentagram Chapter 19 - The Victim