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The Prophecy of Light - Part 1 - Heaven and Hell „Damon!“   –   The   silence   of   the   previous   night   was   broken   by   a   single   shout.   He   sat   in   the   sand   of   the   desert,   which   had   become   very   cold   now.   The   milky- white   sand   dust   was   distinguished   by   his   black   leather   boots   and   formed   a   strong   contrast   to   its   appearance   despite   the   darkness   of   the   night.   Again   and again   he   returned   back   here,   in   the   Suburra   desert,   his   home.   With   a   deep   breath,   he   rose   up   with   the   innate   predatory   elegance,   his   black   fur   seeming   to fuse   with   the   darkness.   His   red   eyes   break   through   the   night,   just   like   the   eyes   of   a   demon,   which   was   approaching   him.   „It’s   done“,   announced   the advancing   demon,   „The   demons   have   gathered.“   Damon   let   him   stood   uncommented   and   went   off   in   smooth,   steady   movements.   The   last   grains   of   sand rattled   down   from   his   black   trousers   to   lose   themselves   in   the   sea   of   sand.   At   this   moment   he   had   been   waiting.   At   last   he   had   enough   demons,   who   would seek with him the origin of the light. How much he longed for the eternal night… Chapter 1 - The Birth Chapter 2 - Flaming Cage Chapter 3 - The Magic of Light and Darkness Chapter 4 - Magic is overall Chapter 5 - A Pact is broken Chapter 6 - The Lawyer of the Devil Chapter 7 - The Prophecy Chapter 8 - The silent War