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The Prophecy of Light - Part 1 - Heaven and Hell by Luna42 Chapter 2 - Flaming Cage Satan's   eyes   wandered   through   the   deep   darkness   of   the   hot   hell.   Even   the   daily   tournaments,   in   which   he   let   his   hell   demons   fight   against   each   other, couldn’t   change   anything.   Only   the   strongest   survived.   But   this   did   not   disturb   the   prince   of   darkness.   He   could   create   new   hell   demons   any   time.   Every day   he   looked   at   these   senseless   tournaments   and   at   first   he   was   rejoicing   at   the   bloodthirstiness   of   his   creatures.   However,   this   didn’t   satisfied   Satan longer   in   this   way,   as   it   was   previously   the   case.   He   wanted   more.   Much   more!   The   world   of   the   living   offered   so   many   possibilities:   Torture,   lying,   deceit, murder,   suffering...   As   soon   as   he   caught   that   thought,   it   did   not   let   him   go   anymore.   He   wanted   the   world   of   the   living   for   himself,   wanted   to   take   part   of their   sins,   they   torment   and   wallow   in   their   sorrow.   „Come,   creatures   of   darkness.   Bring   me   the   demons   from   this   world.   I   want   them   all,   alive.   Bring them   down   to   hell“,   he   ordered   his   hell   demons   and   laughed   sinister   into   himself.   Under   fire,   sulfur   and   smoke,   a   Hell   Gate   opened   through   which   the hell   demons   marched   directly   into   the   world   of   the   living.   Satan   himself   was   the   last   to   go   through   the   Hell   Gate.   He   flew   up,   where   he   turned   around   in the   flight,   and   then   he   stretched   his   wings   and   hovered   over   his   army   of   hell   demons.   The   hell   dog   was   probably   the   most   impressive   being   among   them. He   was   gigantic,   20   meters   high.   He   had   never   lost   a   fight   and   devoured   the   defeated   hell   demons   always   immediately.   His   appetite   was   insatiable,   so Satan   suspected   that   he   would   devour   the   demons   too,   if   they   can’t   assert   themselves   against   him.   But   the   few   losses   were   not   important.   The   hell demons split up and soon they were traveling all over the world to take captive the demons of this world. One by one they were transported to hell. Falx   was   on   his   way   through   the   dusty   wasteland.   After   the   Prince   of   Light   and   the   Prince   of   Darkness   had   arisen   by   Damon’s   failure   a   few   weeks   ago,   the group   had   dispersed   in   all   directions   and   went   their   own   ways.   Falx   jumped   around   when   he   heard   the   sound   of   the   wings:   „Who   believes   me   to   be   able to   surprise   me   from   above?“   Surprised,   he   realized,   that   it   was   not   a   Gargoyle :   „I   do   not   think   so.“   The   Prince   of   Darkness   glanced   arrogant   down   at   him: „So   surprised   to   see   me?“   „Belua!“ *   growled   Falx.   Satan   snorted   furiously:   „You'll   regret   that.“   Falx   made   ready   for   the   fight.   If   he   was   lucky,   the   prince's power   was   not   so   great,   as   he   feared.   Satan   dropped   to   the   ground   and   walked   towards   him:   „Come   and   show   me   whether   you   are   worthy   of   my   attention at   all.“   In   Satan's   face   was   mirrored   a   wickedness,   which   Falx   could   not   interpret.   Of   this   he   would   not   be   let   deterred.   How   crazy   he   began   to   shoot   black magic   balls   to   the   prince.   It   just   seemed   to   fall   flat   to   him.   Not   a   scratch   was   visible.   Falx   produced   a   black   magic   whip,   and   struck   the   prince   with   it.   The priest’s   robe   was   a   little   damaged   from   the   whip,   which   Satan   wore.   But   apart   from   that   was   nothing   happened.   The   prince   spread   his   arms   inquiringly: „Was   it   already?   I   have   to   wonder   if   I   want   you   at   all.   Best   of   all,   I   just   kill   you.“   Falx   growled:   „You   arrogant   bastard!“   His   eyes   glowed,   then   his   whole body   began   to   change.   He   turned   into   a   sort   of   muscular   bull   without   horns,   with   paws   of   a   lion   and   a   long   lizard-like   tail.   His   whole   body   was   littered with   black   scales.   The   creature   roared   and   the   sharp   teeth   were   flashing.   The   devil   laughed   darkly:   „Apparently   you   want   to   work   for   me.“   Falx   rushed with   a   loud   roar   to   Satan,   which   threw   himself   on   the   ground.   Then   he   bit   into   the   prince's   shoulder   with   his   huge   snout   and   tried   tugging   to   tear   off   his arm.   With   a   strong   jerk,   he   had   the   arm   in   his   snout,   and   away   from   Satan’s   body.   But   it   sounded   more   like   just   tearing   stuff.   The   prince   hurled   with   a black   magic-wave   Falx   away.   The   wave   looked   like   a   fast-moving   wall.   He   stood   up   and   there   where   the   arm   was   once,   the   darkness   came   out   like   a   kind of   mist,   which   created   and   materialized   a   new   arm.   „Enough!   You   proved   yourself“,   The   prince   said   dryly   and   hurled   a   black   magic   ball   to   Falx.   He growled   and   hit   the   ball   with   his   paw.   As   soon   as   he   touched   her,   he   disappeared   and   found   himself   in   hell,   where   many   other   demons   had   already wandered around, or simply sat desperately. Falx turned back: „Damn crap! Where am I?“ In   the   meantime,   Dimicatio   was   sitting   in   front   of   a   gate,   and   there   penetrated   from   the   columns   a   strong   light.   The   gate   closed   a   cave   entrance   and seemed   to   have   been   made   just   for   this   purpose.   It   was   in   the   middle   of   the   deepest   jungle.   Again   and   again,   strange   sounds   came   out   of   the   gate,   which were   beginning   to   sound   like   voices.   However,   it   was   not   to   be   understood   what   they   were   saying   or   to   determine   whether   it   was   any   words.   Dimicatio did   not   move.   He   just   sat   there   like   a   frozen   statue.   A   cracking   branch   made   him   look   up.   „Damon“   He   said   it   indifferently,   if   they   were   neither   enemy nor   friend.   „Dimicatio,   I   need   your   help.   Outside   this   jungle,   all   over   the   world,   demons   disappear   through   creatures,   which   I   have   never   seen   before. They   have   no   chance.   I   know   that   could   be   my   fault,   but   please   help   me.   It   have   to   be   stopped.“   Dimicatio   looked   at   Damon   for   a   while   before   he answered:   „Levius   fit   patientia,   quidquid   corrigere   est   nefus.“ *   „Does   that   mean   you   cannot   help   me?“   Damon   wanted   to   know.   Dimicatio   sighed:   Crede   mihi… *   it   looks   bad.   Almost   two   months   have   passed,   Damon.   Do   you   think   I   did   not   try   to   undo   it?“   Damon   fell   desperately   to   his   knees:   „   So   there   is   no salvation.   It's   over…“   The   sight   of   despair   in   Damon's   face   did   not   leave   Dimicatio   cold   in   his   feelings   without   everything   before   and   he   stood   up:   „   The two   princes   were   created   exactly   in   the   same   second.   They   must   also   cease   to   exist   in   one   and   the   same   second.   This   is   not   feasible.“   Damon   hit   the ground   with   his   fist   and   tears   formed   in   his   eyes:   „Mea   culpa.   Mea   maxima   culpa.“ *    „We   can   only   do   one   thing“,   continued   Dimicatio,   „we   have   to defend   ourselves.   This   world   belongs   to   demons   and   mortals.   Let   us   not   allow   the   princes   of   light   and   darkness   to   take   it   over.“   He   went   up   to   Damon and   held   out   his   hand:   „Bonitas   stultitiaque   sodales   sunt.“ *   Damon   looked   at   Dimicatio,   took   his   hand   and   stood   up:   „Qui   audet   adipiscitur.“*    They looked   at   each   other   for   a   moment,   then   took   Dimicatio   the   word:   „I   never   thought   we'd   really   work   together.“   Damon   grinned   a   little:   „Neither   do   I. Actually,   I   should   have   immediately   shut   you   out   of   my   group.   I   do   not   know   why   I   took   you   with   me.“   „Destiny“,   replied   Dimicatio,   „Let’s   go.“   The   two demons   paved   the   way   through   the   jungle.   There   everything   was   peaceful,   as   always.   You   heard   a   few   birds   chirping,   now   and   then   a   few   wing   hits, shrieking monkeys and the cracking and breaking of trees under the feet of the two. The   sound   of   the   wings   of   Satan   announced   his   coming.   Verentia   looked   out   at   the   sun   from   which   the   dark   body   of   Satan   came.   When   he   landed, Verentia   glanced   at   him   for   a   moment.   „Are   you   missing   the   words?“   Satan   asked   with   a   malicious   grin.   „I   was   thinking   about   whether   you're   worth talking   to   you   at   all“,   Verentia   replied   so   coolly   and   so   that   one   might   think   she   saw   him   only   as   a   tiny,   insignificant   flea.   Satan   let   go   a   black   magic   wave to   Verentia   and   laughed   loudly.   She   had   no   chance   of   avoiding   the   attack,   was   hit   and   thrown   back.   Quickly,   however,   she   stood   up,   crossed   her   arms   in front   of   her   body.   Her   arms   were   covered   in   flames.   This   moved   them   apart   with   a   quick   movement.   Everywhere   small   fire   heap   descended   from   which slender   fire   creatures   formed.   When   one   looked   closely   at   them,   one   could   see,   despite   the   roaring   flames,   which   all   these   creatures   were   like   Verentia himself,   only   in   fire   design.   Without   hesitation,   they   rushed   at   Satan,   tried   to   burn   him,   threw   him   with   fire   balls,   and   beat   him.   Verentia   himself   did   not take   part   in   the   fighting.   One   hand   was   on   her   hips   and   looked   satisfied   to   their   fire   copies,   as   they   wrestle   down   Satan.   Satan   sank   to   his   knees, protected   himself   with   his   arms   and   bent   down   ever   further.   A   loud,   amused   laugh   came   from   his   throat   and   grew   louder.   He   straightened   his   upper body   again   and   stretched   out   his   arms,   while   he   continued   to   laugh   unceasingly.   Verentias   creatures   gave   their   best,   but   as   Verentia   had   to   realize,   every wound   immediately   disappeared,   after   it   had   been   added.   He   could   not   be   stopped.   The   laughter   fell   silent,   and   Satan      turned   back   to   full   size.   With   his right   claw,   he   made   a   tight   movement,   which   indicated   that   the   creatures   should   disappear.   They   instantly   fell   apart.   Not   even   ash   remained.   „You proved yourself“, Satan announced blithely, and sent Verentia down to hell in the same way as he had done at Falx.    Meanwhile,   Dimicatio   and   Damon   were   on   their   way   to   Nemorosus,   the   demon   city.   Nemorosus   was   the   only   demon   city   that   existed.   Almost   every demon   was   born   here   and   grew   up   there.   There   was   a   strict   ban   to   fight   within   the   city.   Thus   the   demons   ensured   that   their   offspring   did   not   involve themselves   in   undesirable   battles   and   his   first   years   of   life   did   not   survive.   Up   to   the   age   of   20,   each   young   demon   had   a   teacher,   who   looked   after   him and   trained   him.   The   parents   of   a   demon   child   usually   had   less   to   do   with   this.   At   least   one   parent   watched   over   their   offspring.   However,   at   the   age   of 10,   a   demon   was   allowed   to   challenge   another   demon   to   an   official   demon   battle   and   thus   to   determine   their   rank.   But   now,   there   was   not   much   left   of the   once   peaceful   city   of   Nemorosus.   Only   the   ruins   of   the   houses   suggested   what   had   happened   here.   There   was   a   dead   silence,   and   every   life   had disappeared.   The   two   demons   walked   side   by   side   on   the   former   main   street   of   Nemorosus,   which   led   from   the   east   gate   to   the   west   gate,   across   the   great training   ground   in   the   middle   of   the   city.   They   seemed   to   be   listening   to   every   little   noise   in   the   hope   of   discovering   a   demon   under   these   ruins. Dimicatio   leaned   down   to   a   small   vial.   It   contained   a   red   liquid.   Blood   demons   always   had   such   vials   with   them.   The   liquid   in   it   was   the   blood   of   a mortal,   because   blood   daemons   nourished   from   this   blood.   They   accounted   for   the   largest   part   of   the   people.   It   was   not   surprising   that   Dimicatio   found such   a   vial.   It   must   have   been   lost   in   the   zeal   of   the   battle.   „The   children“,   Damon   said   almost   absentmindedly,   „All   away.   The   offspring   of   our   species… eradicated.“   Suddenly   Dimicatio   grabbed   him   by   the   shoulders:   „   Damn   it,   Damon!   Pull   yourself   together!   If   you   lose   your   mind,   we   cannot   help   anyone anymore.   Let   us   save   those   we   can   still   save.“   Underneath   the   debris   of   one   of   the   houses   moved   something   and   the   chunks   of   rock   were   set   aside. „Metos!“   cried   the   two   astonished   at   the   same   time.   „That's   impossible.   To   see   you   both   together,   turns   my   whole   world   view   upside   down.   I   thought   you hated   each   other.“   Dimicatio   cleared   his   throat:   „   There   is   more   important   than   that.   What   happened   to   the   other   demons?“   Metos   clambered   up   and tapped   the   dust   down:   „   I   do   not   know   exactly.   There   were   these   giant,   rotten   creatures.   I've   never   seen   anything   like   this.   This   was   more   frightening than   the   Corporeus.    Whenever   they   touched   someone   with   their   paws,   they   simply   disappeared   without   a   trace.   We   tried   to   fight   them,   but   it   seemed hopeless.   It   was   not   until   we   had   completely   disassembled   one   of   these   creatures   that   it   was   no   longer   moving.   But   there   were   just   too   many.   In   the   fight I   climbed   on   one   of   these   creatures,   which   then   rolled   around.   I   have   probably   pounded   against   some   stone   and   lost   consciousness.   As   I   can   see,   I   am   the only   one   left.“   Damon   clenched   his   fists   and   then   roared   loudly:   „Satan!!!   Come   here   when   you   dare!   I   wait   for   you.“   Dimicatio   and   Metos   covered   their ears, meanwhile. A demon could produce a tremendous volume. So loud that a mortal could burst the eardrum.    Damon,   Metos   and   Dimicatio   had   been   on   the   road   for   days,   scrambling   the   last   demons   around   him   who   still   existed.   Many   were   it   not.   They   had   only found   nine   other   demons,   and   Satan   or   his   creatures   were   missing   any   trace.   Was   this   the   end?   Are   they   the   last   12   demons?   Damon   refused   to   believe that.   They   were   so   many.   The   world   belonged   to   the   demons   and   now   were   they   a   dying   species?   That   must   not   be.   He   had   to   find   out   what   had happened   to   the   others.   After   all,   it   was   possible   that   they   were   still   alive.   With   which   he   was   not   wrong.   In   hell   the   demons   had   resisted   together   to   be   a servant   of   the   devil.   From   time   to   time   he   let   the   hell   demons   bring   a   few   mortals   to   hell,   which   were   regarded   as   forage   for   the   blood   demons, werewolves,   and   ghouls.   His   plan   ranged   much   farther   than   to   subject   only   the   demons.   He   wanted   the   whole   world   of   the   living.   But   he   needed   faithful followers.   He   also   knew   that   there   were   still   Damon,   Metos   and   Dimicatio,   which   he   could   not   have   tracked   up   them   and   his   hell   demons   had   not   sent any   of   them   down.   But   he   already   begun   to   take   care   about   that.   He   had   sent   out   a   small   group   of   hell   demons   to   find   the   three   and   send   them   down   to hell.   The   three   and   their   nine   followers   went   along   the   edge   of   a   ravine   when   they   heard   a   loud   roar.   Metos   shuddered:   „There   it   is.“   Damon   immediately ran   away   in   the   direction   from   which   the   roar   had   come.   Then   Dimicatio,   Metos,   and   the   nine   other   demons   followed   him.   The   ground   dusted   under their   feet,   while   they   ran   at   over   120   h/km   to   the   hell   demons.   As   soon   as   they   were   in   sight,   they   were   already   firing   fireballs   to   the   demons   to   attack them   after   that   physically.   Damon   tried   to   slit   them   and   tear   them   apart.   The   others   imitated   him   and   gave   their   best   to   conquer   the   hell   demons.   They defended   themselves   vigorously,   snapped   at   them   with   their   big   mouths   and   slammed   with   their   claws.   „Take   care   of   the   paws!“   roared   Metos.   The   first demon   was   already   hit   by   one   and   disappeared,   as   Metos   had   described   it.   Dimicatio   produced   light   balls   that   should   dazzle   the   hell   demons,   which   had only   a   limited   effect.   Some   of   them   could   not   be   restricted   with   that.   Metos   roared,   his   fur   grew   in   length,   his   snout,   his   torso,   his   legs   and   arms   changed, grew   and   his   muscle   mass   increased.   He   turned   into   a   werewolf.   In   this   form   he   could   not   speak   any   more,   just   growling   and   yelling,   but   that   was   not necessary   in   the   fight.   The   advantage   was   that   he   was   much   faster   and   stronger   than   before.   How   obsessed   he   struck   the   hell   demons.   However,   they became   less   and   less,   and   had   not   yet   brought   down   any   hell   demon.   Finally,   only   Metos,   Dimicatio   and   Damon   were   left.   Damon   roared   furiously   as tears   streamed   down   his   cheeks:   „Satan!!!   Come   here   so   I   can   tear   you   to   pieces!“   Dimicatio   withdrew:   „   We   have   to   flee.   We   will   not   be   able   to   do   it!“ Dimicatio   ran   to   Damon   and   pulled   him.   Then   Damon   followed   him   and   they   ran   for   their   lives.   Metos   also   followed.   The   hell   demons   were   also   fast   and persecuted   them.   Metos   was   hit   by   one   of   her   paws   and   disappeared   like   the   demons   before.   Damon   and   Dimicatio   avoided   the   attacks   as   well   as   they could and headed to the ravine. When they reached them, they fell without further thinking about this down. The hell demons stayed behind. „Damn   crap!“   growled   and   panted   Damon   angry   while   Dimicatio   supported   him   so   he   could   go.   He   had   broken   his   right   leg   when   he   fell   into   the   ravine. Dimicatio   had   better   off.   He   had   only   a   sprained   hand   apart   from   some   bruises.   A   mortal   would   be   definitely   dead   from   this   height.   „When   I   get   Satan   in my   hands   ...“   Damon   scolded.   However   Dimicatio   interrupted   him:   „Don’t   panic,   Damon.   When   you   face   Satan   like   this,   you   are   instantly   sacrificed   to death.“   Another   growling   sound   came   from   Damon's   throat,   but   no   further   words   followed.   Damon   dragged   himself   limping   through   the   ravine supported   by   Dimicatio   and   hoped   for   an   early   end.   They   were   probably   the   last   two   demons.   Damon   wanted   to   pay   revenge   for   his   folk   and   his   debt,   but he   had   no   plan   at   all   how   he   was   going   to   do   it.   They   could   not   possibly   win   against   these   hell   demons   and   none   of   them   knew   how   powerful   Satan   really was.   Maybe   he   could   just   extinguish   her   with   a   snap,   when   he   fell   like   it.   After   all,   he   was   the   prince   of   darkness,   the   darkness   itself.   Thus,   Dimicatio   still had   the   best   chances   with   his   ability   of   light.   But   what   could   Damon   do?   Probably   nothing.   „I'll   destroy   him“,   announced   Damon   again.   Dimicatio smiled,   but   it   was   a   bitter   smile:   „Ut   desint   vires   tamen   est   laudanda   voluntas!“*    „Stop   with   your   wisdom“,   Damon   growled   bitterly,   then   sighed,   „This   is the end is not it?“ Dimicatio shrugged his shoulders, which was very difficult for him, as he still had to support Damon. The   most   demons   felt   not   so   good   in   hell.   A   few   days   had   already   passed,   and   the   blood   demons,   werewolves   and   ghouls   slowly   lost   control,   since   Satan brought   less   and   less   living   food   and   finally   he   didn’t   bring   any   food   to   starve   them.   He   lost   patience   more   and   more,   because   the   demons   did   not   submit to   him.   They   needed   their   food   or   they   would   fight   each   other   to   get   their   food   and   mutually   exterminate   each   other.   Satan   was   waiting   for   this   to happen.   He   believed   that   the   demons   would   then   subdue   to   him.   So   far,   they   had   refused   stubbornly,   but   they   could   not   leave   the   hell   and   were   trapped here.   Metos   went   nervous   and   hungry   back   and   forth.   Every   demon,   who   was   near   him,   appeared   to   him   as   a   food   source,   but   he   tore   himself   together with   all   his   strength.   Soon   his   instinct   would   take   over   and   he   would   go   arbitrarily   on   his   own   kind.   It   had   to   happen   something   and   that   should   be   fast. Satan   appeared.   He   stood   on   the   roof   of   his   palace   and   looked   down   at   the   demons.   After   he   let   his   look   wandered,   and   raised   his   voice:   „Very   soon   you will   fight   of   each   other.   I   ask   you   this   question   now,   before   your   number   decimates:   Will   you   swear   with   loyalty?“   Verentia   was   the   first   to   raise   the   word: „We'd   rather   die!“   The   other   demons   it   concurred   fast   and   offended   Satan.   Satan   snorted   furiously   and   then   disappeared   back   into   his   throne   room,   as always,   a   black   feather   remained   for   a   moment.   How   will   he   get   them   to   serve   him?   Would   they   really   have   first   to   start   killing   each   other?   He   would know that tomorrow. Most would start losing control and the number of blood demons, werewolves and ghouls made up a large part of the demons. Dimicatio   and   Damon   were   the   last   days   wandering   aimlessly.   They   stopped   to   rest   in   a   forest.   Between   the   two   there   was   silence.   Damon   rested   his broken   leg,   which   he   based   with   some   sticks   and   a   rope   that   he   had   created   out   of   black   magic.   Dimicatio   finally   broke   the   silence:   „I'll   go   back   to   my gate.   The   balls   of   light   to   maintain   over   this   distance   is   tiring   and   at   the   moment   not   worth   the   effort.   We   cannot   do   anything.“   Damon   growled   furiously: „That   means   you   just   give   up.“   Dimicatio   sighed:   „Ita   est!“*    When   no   more   response   from   Damon   came,   Dimicatio   stood   up   and   looked   back   at   Damon: „Vale.“*    Even   now   Damon   did   not   move,   whether   he   was   too   proud   or   too   desperate,   it   was   to   say   badly.   Dimicatio   did   not   know   at   all,   and   left   Damon alone. As   expected   by   Satan,   the   demons   started   to   fight   each   other   the   next   day.   The   blood   demons   tried   to   bite   the   other   demons   and   feed   on   the   blood   of them,   while   the   werewolves   transformed   and   tried   to   tear   the   other   demons.   The   ghouls   nibbled   at   every   part   of   the   body,   which   they   get   in   the   fight. There   was   a   single   chaos   in   the   survival   struggle.   Falx   and   Verentia   tried   to   keep   Metos   on   the   ground.   They   tried   to   calm   him.   Verentia   spoke   to   him softly:   „   It   will   be   alright,   Metos.   Something   will   come   to   mind.“   There   were   many   seriously   injured   and   even   dead.   Satan   appeared   again   and   felt superior:   „I   repeat   my   offer   from   yesterday.   Serve   me   and   live   or   die.“   The   demons'   response   remained   the   same,   and   almost   all   of   them   shouted   at   the same   time:   „We'd   rather   die!“   Satan   snorted   furiously   then,   before   loudly   roaring,   so   the   whole   hell   shook:   „I   do   not   accept   no!“   He   mobilized   all   his powers   to   bind   the   demons   to   himself.   So   he   would   always   know   where   they   were   and   no   one   would   escape   him.   They   received   the   ability   to   teleport, while   Satan   sacrificed   this   ability   for   the   forced   pact   and   was   doomed   to   stay   in   hell.   Each   of   the   demons   seemed   to   shine   black   for   a   moment.   Satan looked   around   furiously:   „You   all   belong   to   me   now!“   To   demonstrate   his   power   he   pointed   to   a   demon,   which   then   painfully   holding   his   head,   before   he looked   up   and   stood   motionless.   Satan   grinned:   „Beat   your   head   against   the   castle   wall.“   That's   exactly   what   the   demon   did.   „If   you   don’t   want   to   be mindless   servants   then   you   have   to   do   what   I   say.   “This   time   there   were   no   replies.   He   opened   a   portal:   „You   have   an   hour   to   get   food   for   you   or whatever.   The   portal   remains   open.   Who   doesn’t   return,   will   feel   my   power.“   Then   he   disappeared   again.   The   demons,   which   were   already   lusted   for food,   were   quickly   disappearing   through   the   portal   to   satisfy   their   hunger.   Shortly   afterwards   followed   other   demons,   which   were   not   dependent   on   food and   simply   wanted   to   escape   the   stifling,   gloomy   hell   for   a   moment.   Also   Metos,   Falx   and   Verentia   use   the   opportunity.   As   soon   as   Metos   had   sat,   they thought, they would be able to think about a plan. „Ad   rem!“* ,   began   Falx   while   Metos   still   ran   through   the   forest   to   chase   his   prey,   a   shy   deer.   There   would   be   no   chance   against   a   werewolf   anyway   and Metos   would   saturate   his   flesh.   „We   cannot   fight   against   Satan.   He   has   all   of   us   under   control   and   if   we   simply   refuse,   it   will   cost   us   only   our   own   will.   So what   should   we   do?“,   Falx   briefly   summarized.   Verentia   had   leaned   against   a   tree   and   listened   to   how   Metos   tore   his   prey   in   the   distance:   „Dura   patientia   frango.*    Just   let   us   wait.   Even   the   prince   of   darkness   will   have   a   weakness,   and   we   will   find   it.“   „Eunt   via   sua   fata“* ,   Falx   agreed   and   looked   in the   direction   in   which   Metos   had   disappeared.   A   grin   went   over   his   face:   „And   we   have   time   to   teach   Metos   in   Latin.“   Also   Verentia   smiled   about   this little joke: „But this will also be high time.“ Metos   shot   a   stone   over   the   ash-covered   ground   of   hell   and   grumbled:   „I   wonder   what   it   brings   him   to   keep   us   trapped   here.   He   has   created   these disgusting   creatures,   why   does   not   he   play   with   them?“   „It   doesn’t   help   to   racking   your   brain   about   this“,   exhorted   Verentia   him,   who   sat   on   a   rock   and devoted   her   attention   to   his   senseless   to   and   fro   running.   Most   of   the   demons   had   already   returned   and   apparently   the   last   stragglers   were   still   arriving. To   the   same   rock   leaned   on   which   Verentia   sat,   Falx   had   also   settled   down   and   looked   up:   „   If   you   could   get   up   there   and   drill   a   hole   through   the   rock face,   where   would   you   go?“   At   the   same   time,   Verentia   and   Metos   looked   at   him   questioningly.   Before   one   of   the   two   could   say   something,   Satan appeared   in   the   midst   of   the   many   demons:   „   I   waited   long   enough.   Go   and   conquer   for   me   the   world   of   the   living!“   Uncertainly,   the   demons   looked   at each   other.   The   highest-ranking   among   them,   an   air-cutter,   jumped   on   one   of   the   rocks   to   be   seen   well:   „   Let's   do   what   he   says.   That   should   be   easy   for us.   The   ordinary   can‘t   do   anything   against   us   and   these   have   never   interested   us.“   Murmurs   broke   out.   Satan   shouted   furiously   to   them:   „Shall   I   first show   you   my   power?“   All   remembered   his   last   demonstration   of   power   and   definitely   did   not   want   to   repeat   it.   So   they   set   off   again   into   the   world   of   the living, but this time to follow Satan's command.    The   ordinary   mortals   were   no   enemies.   Fear   faces   looked   at   them   as   Falx,   Verentia,   and   Metos   entered   with   a   few   other   demons   the   city.   The   town   was decorated   with   simple   houses   in   gray   or   brown   shades   and   roofs   of   straw   or   wood.   Already   it   was   one   of   the   modern   places   of   this   time.   The   walls   were made   of   clay   and   rock   and   thus   belonged   to   the   more   stable   buildings.   It   wasn’t   like   the   temples,   but   here   lived   simple   people.   Mothers   attracted   scared their   children   back   into   the   house   or   in   her   arms,   while   the   tautness   increased   among   all.   Demons   usually   did   not   come   to   the   city   or   to   a village.   If   be   needed   blood   demons   came   to   the   ordinaries   to   get   their   blood   and   they   were   already   very   unpopular   among   the   mortals. „Give up immediately, you are now the faithful subjects of the prince of darkness, the new ruler of this world“, Falx announced so bored that   people   looked   insecure   to   him   and   waited   for   him   to   add   everything,   so   it   would   be   a   joke.   However,   no   further   reaction   followed and   the   other   demons   did   nothing   of   the   sort.   One   of   the   men   now   grabbed   a   manure   fork   and   ran   screaming   to   the   demons.   Verentia grabbed   the   manure   fork,   snapped   it   with   one   pull   and   broke   it   into   two.   Meanwhile,   Metos   grabbed   the   man,   pulled   him   back,   lifted him   up   like   a   child   and   threw   him   a   few   yards.   They   could   have   killed   him   with   ease,   but   that   had   absolutely   nothing   to   do   with   pride. What   they   did   there   was   absolutely   cowardly   and   dishonest.   Moreover,   it   seemed   to   leave   a   bitter   taste.   None   of   the   people   moved   to help   the   poor   man,   who   was   now   lying   on   the   ground.   Fear   faces   looked   into   the   unfathomable,   red   eyes   of   the   demons.   They   all   knew they had no chance. *You can read the translation, if you hold your mouse over the Latin text.