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The Prophecy of Light - Part 1 - Heaven and Hell by Luna42 Prologue „Damon!“   –   The   silence   of   the   previous   night   was   broken   by   a   single   shout.   He   sat   in   the   sand   of   the   desert,   which   had   become   very   cold   now.   The   milky- white   sand   dust   was   distinguished   by   his   black   leather   boots   and   formed   a   strong   contrast   to   its   appearance   despite   the   darkness   of   the   night.   Again   and again   he   returned   back   here,   in   the   Suburra   desert,   his   home.   With   a   deep   breath,   he   rose   up   with   the   innate   predatory   elegance,   his   black   fur   seeming   to fuse   with   the   darkness.   His   red   eyes   break   through   the   night,   just   like   the   eyes   of   a   demon,   which   was   approaching   him.   „It’s   done“,   announced   the advancing   demon,   „The   demons   have   gathered.“   Damon   let   him   stood   uncommented   and   went   off   in   smooth,   steady   movements.   The   last   grains   of   sand rattled   down   from   his   black   trousers   to   lose   themselves   in   the   sea   of   sand.   At   this   moment   he   had   been   waiting.   At   last   he   had   enough   demons,   who would seek with him the origin of the light. How much he longed for the eternal night. "Praeter   speciem   stultus   est”* ,   said   the   off-seated   jackal   to   himself.   With   his   dark   brown   fur   and   white   belly   fur   he   stood   out   from   the   most   demons.   In the   course   of   the   evolution,   the   fur   had   adapted   more   and   more   to   the   night,   so   the   most   of   the   demons   had   the   typical   black   fur,   which   was   known   from this   period.   His   black   clothes   consisted   of   only   a   short   trouser,   gloves   and   leather   shoes,   which   hid   him   only   slightly   in   the   darkness.   "   Hopefully   my strength   will   be   enough   to   keep   the   light   up.   Without   this,   the   world   will   fall   into   the   horror   ",   he   sank   again   in   his   thoughts.   Like   many   other   demons,   he had   come   from   far   away   to   join   Damon.   He   promised   the   eternal   darkness,   and   the   destruction   of   light.   He   had   no   idea   what   he   could   do   with   it.   There was   so   much   worse   than   a   few   fights   between   demons   or   the   ordinaries   with   their   superstitions.   Now,   however,   the   old   abandoned   village   of   the   mortals came   to   them   and   Damon   used   it   as   his   meeting   place   in   the   great   Suburra   desert.   The   outlines   of   the   former   houses   disappear   slowly   in   the   sand   and crumbled   with   the   time.   More   than   hollow   remains   of   the   wooden   buildings   had   not   been   left.   The   night   was   still   young.   Nevertheless,   he   had   the   feeling to be already too late. Perhaps he should have done something long before. Last happenings before the search for the origin of the light started. „Fata viam invenient“ – The Destiny finds its way. And it will be unstoppable. Chapter 1 - The Birth For   months   they've   been   on   the   road   and   had   the   various   desert   areas   searched.   They   had   found   nothing.   If   the   origin   of   the   light   was   not   found   in   the desert,   where   should   it   be   found?   Nowhere   in   the   world   there   was   usually   so   much   light.   „Damon!“,   shouted   one   of   the   demons   to   him.   „What‘s?“,   he growled.   „What   is   now?   How   do   we   destroy   the   light?   Do   you   think   we   have   all   followed   you   monthly   through   the   desert   to   get   here   now   to   sit   around and   do   nothing?“,   complained   the   demon.   Damon   laughed   amused:   „You   are   all   nothing   without   me.“   The   demon   turned   away   and   left   Damon   alone. Damon   grinned   thoughtfully.   He   had   known   that   he   would   not   dare   to   attack   him.   They   were   really   nothing   without   him.   What   would   they   do   if   he   were not?   They   would   fight,   only   fight.   A   fight   that   has   been   raging   for   thousands   of   years   and   no   demon   has   ever   been   the   winner.   Their   ardent   temperament and   the   combative   vein   are   derived   from   the   boiling   blood   in   their   body.   Food   became   ashes   as   soon   as   it   flowed   down   the   throat.   Their   immortality,   as well   as   the   natural   superiority   in   force,   speed,   and   all   their   senses   towards   the   ordinaries,   made   them   to   a   fearful   opponent.   Almost   all   the   demons moved   their   power   out   of   the   darkness.   They   called   it   the   dark   magic.   Only   very   few   demons   have   light   magic   or   even   nature   magic.   One   of   Damon’s main   reasons,   why   he   wanted   to   destroy   the   light.   He   wanted   power.   A   power,   which   gave   him   only   the   darkness,   this   would   strengthen   him   and   all   the other   demons.   The   day   would   no   longer   weaken   their   powers.   In   addition,   Damon   was   the   only   demon   without   special   ability.   Each   demon   possessed this,   although   the   multitude   was   one   of   the   blood   demons,   followed   by   werewolves,   the   golems,   the   shapeshifters,   and   some   more.   First,   Damon   had believed   that   he   simply   had   a   unique   ability,   but   now   he   was   already   2.501   years   old   and   no   longer   believes   in   it.   There   was   no   ability   for   him,   and   no   one would ever know this. Damon   rose   up   from   the   stone   on   which   he   had   sat   and   looked   into   the   round.   It   was   not   the   heat   that   caused   the   demons,   but   the   lack   of   success.   They were   in   the   midst   of   sand   and   rock,   where   at   most   the   rattlesnakes   showed   here   and   there.   Damon's   deep   black   fur   was   interrupted   only   by   the   dark   gray ear   tips   and   the   dark   gray   tail   in   the   typical   fox   fur   drawing.   More   than   50   demons   had   joined   him,   some   of   them   were   very   well   known   and   feared.   The most   notable   were   Metos   -   the   scars   face,   Verentia   –   the   awesome,   Falx   –   the   heartless   und   Dimicatio   –   the   shadow   gatekeeper.   Scars   face   was   called Metos   mainly   because   his   face,   as   well   as   most   of   his   body   was   littered   with   scars.   In   contrast   to   the   most   demons   was   his   fur   not   black,   but   it   had   only   a very   dark   gray   tone.   Despite   his   scars,   he   was   a   very   well-trained   and   respectable   coyote.   Verentia,   on   the   other   hand,   was   one   of   the   few   female   demons that   took   part   in   the   fighting.   A   female   demon   was   too   precious   that   they   should   put   themselves   in   danger,   but   nobody   could   her   forbidden   this.   The   title "the   awesome"   owed   her   to   the   respect   of   the   other   female   demons,   but   also   her   ruthless   way   to   assert   herself   against   the   other   demons.   Had   she   wanted to   have   a   companion,   countless   demons   would   tear   around   her.   With   her   black   fur,   elegance   and   power,   she   was   a   coveted   wolf.   A   black   wolf,   too,   was   the heartless.   Falx   found   this   title   rather   amusing.   Only   an   incident   had   given   him   this,   which   was   in   his   transformed   form,   he   had   devoured   a   different demon   who   had   profoundly   offended   him.   He   had   let   himself   be   carried   away   by   his   anger.   The   dark   brown   jackal   Dimicatio   was   the   shadow   gatekeeper. Nobody   knew   exactly   what   he   actually   guarded   there,   but   there   was   really   no   one   interested   in   this.   Dimicatio   himself   called   it   the   shadow   gate.   Damon, however,   did   not   trust   Dimicatio   because   he   interfered   always   and   everywhere   and   spoke   of   the   balance   of   the   world.   What   a   nonsense   that   was.   He would   determine   the   balance   of   the   world   himself.   Who   needs   the   light?   Dimicatio   was   therefore   one   of   the   candidates   before   whom   Damon   was constantly   on   guard.   Damon   cleared   his   throat   to   get   the   attention   of   those   present.   Everyone   looked   at   him.   Grinning,   he   announced:   „We   will   visit   the place   where   light   has   always   been   hard   to   contend   with.“   The   demons   looked   at   each   other   questioningly.   Damon   had   guessed   that   they   would   not understand   that.   They   were   so   stupid,   so   he   began   to   explain:   „Ever   since   plants   and   animals   have   thrived   in   the   dark.   Where   hardly   penetrates   a   light beam   passes.   But   the   ordinary   mortals   love   the   light   and   they   have   built   temples   to   honor   this.   Many   of   these   temples   stand   there   and   in   one   of   them   the secret   of   light   could   be   hidden.   Don‘t   you   still   understand   it?“   He   laughed   loudly:   „I'm   talking   about   the   jungle,   you   idiots!“   There   was   a   small   turmoil. The   demons   were   not   sure   if   they   should   believe   Damon.   Would   they   really   find   something   there   or   would   it   be   just   a   waste   of   time.   Was   it   really   possible to   destroy   the   light?   For   three   minutes,   Damon   watched   the   ramble,   and   then   he   took   the   word   again:   „Decide   now.   Go   or   follow   me!   I   do   not   want   to wait   a   second!   If   you're   not   sure,   stay   back!“   With   these   words   he   turned   his   back   on   them   and   step   forward   through   the   desert.   He   did   not   turn   around to   see   if   and   how   many   followed   him.   He   did   not   care.   Nothing   in   the   world   would   keep   him   from   his   intention,   not   even   the   lack   of   loyalty   of   his followers.   The   first   to   follow   Damon   were   Falx   and   Dimicatio,   shortly   thereafter   Metos   and   some   other   demons.   Verentia   hesitated.   She   looked   at   the group   of   demons   who   had   taken   the   opposite   path.   „Damon“,   she   cried   to   him.   Damon   went   on,   but   responded:   „What‘s?“   She   raised   her   voice threateningly:   „   If   we   find   nothing   there,   I   will   kill   you!“   He   began   to   laugh   amused.   Verentia   followed   the   troops.   Damon   included,   they   were   only   15 demons that continued the way. The others had remained undecided or gone. For   several   weeks   they   were   on   the   road   before   they   reached   the   jungle.   The   old   trees   had   grown   to   full   size   over   the   centuries.   Younger   plants   are struggling   for   every   ray   of   light   that   came   through   the   dense   canopy   of   leaves   and   stood   so   close   together   that   a   penetration   was   almost   impossible.   In addition,   countless   vine   plants   blocked   the   possible   paths   through   the   jungle.   No   mortal   had   ever   been   here   for   ages.   Damon   went   ahead   and   took   no notice   of   what   blocked   the   way.   He   trampled   down   bushes,   pushed   whole   trees   with   his   strength,   every   branch   of   the   dare   to   cross   his   way   was   cut   short. The   first   temple,   for   they   reached,   was   totally   overgrown.   Only   the   stone   slabs   here   and   there   and   its   ornaments   betrayed   that   somewhere   underneath   a larger   building   was   to   be   found.   „Damn   green   stuff!“,   cursed   Damon   and   tore   it   piece   by   piece   into   two.   Falx   groaned   annoyed:   „Why   not   burn   it   down easy?“   „   Do   you   want   to   risk   a   forest   fire,   you   fool?“   hissed   Verentia   to   him.   The   other   demons   helped   to   free   the   temple.   „Here!   Here   is   the   entrance!“ cried   Metos,   who   had   just   freed   the   door.   Immediately   they   all   broke   off   their   work   and   hurried   to   Metos.   Damon   looked   at   the   gate   and   tried   to   decipher the   inscriptions.   „Ave!   Introite,   nam   et   hic   dii   sunt“ ,   he   said   loudly,   and   began   to   laugh.   Because   of   Metos   had   not   learned   any   Latin,   he   inquired   about the   meaning:   „   What   is   written   there?“   Dimicatio   now   spoke   for   the   first   time:   „Greetings!   Come   in,   for   there   are   also   gods   here.“   Now   Metos   understood the   laughter   of   Damon.   Also   the   other   grin.   The   mortals   had   always   preferred   to   give   each   and   every   one   a   God.   The   sun   had   a   god,   the   moon,   even   the sea   and   some   animals.   Demons,   it   was   inexplicable   how   stupid   you   had   to   be   to   make   up   such   nonsense.   Damon   hit   the   stone   door   with   his   fist.   To   his astonishment,   they   did   not   move.   He   growled   annoyed   as   he   heard   Falx   suppressed   laughter.   „Certainly   there   is   a   mechanism   to   open   it“,   said   Metos, „Mortals   do   not   have   so   much   power.“   Damon   turned   around   to   the   others,   leaned   against   the   locked   door,   and   crossed   his   arms:   „So,   you   smart   ass, then   tell   me,   how   this   mechanism   works.“   He   shrugged:   „I   have   no   idea.   That's   a   guess.“   Verentia   went   to   the   stone   door   and   pushed   Damon   aside. Damon   growled   again   and   made   room   for   her.   She   began   to   scan   the   door,   every   corner   and   also   the   inscription.   Nothing   happened.   „Ultra   posse   nemo obligatur“ ,   said   Dimicatio   casually.   Damon   went   to   the   ceiling:   „You   fucking   hypocrite!   I   know   exactly   why   you   are   here!   You   want   to   keep   us   from   our plans!   That's   why   you   follow   me,   but   you've   cut   yourself!   I've   already   recognized   your   wrong   game!“   Metos   looked   totally   confused:   „What   did   he   say?“ Falx   was   confused,   although   he   understood   the   sentence.   To   the   explanation,   he   said   it   quietly   before   him,   so   that   Metos   could   still   hear   him:   „No   one   is obliged   to   do   impossible.“   Dimicatio   raised   his   hands   innocently,   shaking   his   head:   „   I'm   sorry,   my   friend.   “   „Do   not   call   me   friend“,   hissed   Damon,   „I   do not   have   any   friends   and   you   do   not   even   count!“   Verentia   interrupted   the   two   with   a   joyous   cry:   „I   have!“   At   the   same   moment   the   door   opened   by   being pushed   aside.   Damon   turned   away   from   Dimicatio   and   walked   in,   slightly   snarling.   Immediately   after   him   Verentia   passed   through:   „It   was   a   very   small switch.“   Metos   patted   her   shoulder   while   he   followed   the   two:   „Well   done!“   Dimicatio   and   Falx   also   followed,   and   behind   them   the   remaining   ten demons.   It   was   gloomy   and   darker,   the   deeper   they   entered.   But   it   did   not   matter   to   them.   They   could   all   see   in   the   dark.   Every   demon   has   this   ability. On   the   walls   were   numerous   decorations,   drawings   and   inscriptions,   but   they   all   thrown   in   passing   a   look.   The   walk   was   narrow   and   so   they   had   to   go individually   one   behind   the   other.   Damon   stopped   abruptly   after   a   while.   „What's   happening?“,   Metos   wanted   to   know.   He   could   not   see   anything   from his   position   or   the   demons   behind   him   either.   Verentia,   however,   still   saw   enough:   „A   canyon.   The   bridge   is   torn.“   A   growl   came   from   Damon:   „We   climb down   and   walk   over,   then   go   up   again.“   "What   if   we   do   not   find   anything   there?"   Falx   wanted   to   know,   „the   effort   might   not   be   worthwhile.“   A   new growling   came   from   Damon:   „Look   over   there:   Lux   aeterna.“   Before   Metos   could   ask   Dimicatio   already   translated:   „Eternal   light.“   „Oh!“   came   from Metos,   as   an   expression   of   knowledge.   Damon   began   to   climb   down.   Verentia   glanced   over   the   canyon   and   into   the   depths:   „Who   knows,   where   the   end is?   We   could   climb   forever.“   She   pointed   to   the   ceiling:   „Up   there   are   hooks   to   which   the   bridge   was   attached.“   Damon   tried   to   catch   a   glimpse   of   the hooks   on   the   wall   of   the   canyon:   „So   what?   They   are   far   too   high   for   us   to   use   them.“   Verentia   rolled   her   eyes:   „Asinus!“    Falx   laughed   loudly   and   Metos fell   again   ignored:   „So   when   we've   done   all   this,   I   will   learn   Latin.“   Dimicatio   laughed:   „She   called   him   a   fool.“   Metos   grinned   now   wide,   but   tried   not   to laugh.   Damon   growled   to   himself,   but   said   nothing.   Instead,   he   waited   for   what   Verentia   wanted   to   do.   She   let   a   whip   of   dark   magic   appear,   jumping   up to   the   hooks   and   swinging   them   so   that   she   wrapped   around   the   first   hook.   Then   she   swung   over,   and   appeared   the   second   dark   magic   whip.   This   whip was   wrapped   around   the   next   hook,   too.   The   old   whip   was   dropped,   and   at   once   these   disappeared.   So   she   continued,   until   she   was   on   the   other   side. With   a   big   set   she   landed   on   safe   ground   as   well   as   on   her   feet.   You   could   hear   a   laugh   from   her,   as   she   turned   around   and   held   her   hands   in   her   hips:   „So you   cowards.   Whoever   comes   across   or   should   I   go   alone?“   Metos   wanted   to   get   started,   but   then   Damon   came   up   in   this   moment   again   and   pushed   him back:   „Me   first!“   Just   like   Verentia,   he   jumps   up   and   then   swung   himself   over   with   the   help   of   his   dark   magic   whips.   He   also   landed   on   his   feet.   „Aha!“   he spoke   arrogantly   to   Verentia,   as   if   she   was   the   last   piece   of   dirt.   Verentia   held   briefly   her   stomach   and   leaned   slightly   forward,   as   they   would   become   sick of   the   sight   of   him.   Metos   laughed   softly   and   then   he   also   released.   Bit   by   bit,   they   come   one   after   the   other   to   the   other   side.   The   eleventh,   however,   did not   jump   high   enough   and   fell   screaming   into   the   depths.   After   this   misfortune,   the   other   four   do   not   trust   in   this   method   and   stayed   behind.   „You cowards!“   shouted   Falx,   „Then   stay   here!“   They   went   on   and   left   the   four   back.   The   course   on   this   side   was   much   wider,   so   four   people   could   have   walked side   by   side.   Damon   went   ahead,   as   was   to   be   expected.   As   the   way   split   in   two,   Damon   chose   one   without   thinking   big   about   it.   Dimicatio   called   after him:   „Quo   vadis?“    Damon   gave   something   growled   back,   which   no   one   understood,   because   he   said   it   quietly.   Verentia   began   to   read   the   inscriptions. Metos   saw   Damon   still   behind:   „   Where   is   he   going?   He   do   not   even   know   whether   the   path   is   correct.“   Dimicatio   shrugged:   „I   do   not   know,   I   asked him.“   Falx   looked   at   the   many   inscriptions   as   well:   „   Is   there   anything   useful?“   Verentia   pointed   to   an   inscription   Per   crucem   ad   lucem :   „Through   the cross   to   the   light.“   „What   a   cross?“   was   Metos   first   thought.   They   began   to   search   the   walls   for   a   cross,   but   nowhere   was   one   to   be   found.   Verentia thoughtfully   walked   back   and   forth.   The   other   demons   had   let   themselves   sink   already   on   the   ground   and   waited,   what   would   happen.   Only   the   four   did not   give   up.   While   Verentia   continued   to   think,   Dimicatio,   Falx,   and   Metos   scanned   the   walls.   But   before   they   came   to   a   decision,   they   heard   steps. Damon   came   back:   „There   is   a   door   with   a   stupid   cross   on   it.   We   cannot   get   any   further.“   He   growled   angrily   and   wanted   to   choose   the   other   way,   but Verentia   was   already   calling:   „   It   must   be!   “   In   her   enthusiasm   she   grabbed   Damon's   head   and   gave   him   a   kiss   on   the   cheek.   Then   she   hurried   in   the corridor.   The   other   three   followed   her   as   well   as   the   demons,   which   had   preferred   the   lazy,   then   got   up   and   went   after   the   four.   Damon   looked   disgusted at   them,   then   he   decided   to   follow.   They   arrived   at   a   wooden   door   with   a   silver   cross.   Falx   laughed:   „And   you   did   not   get   any   further   there?   The   door   is only   made   of   wood.“   He   banged   momentum   and   strength   against   the   door.   A   bright   light   seized   him   and   threw   him   back,   so   he   slammed   against   Metos and   both   fell   to   the   ground.   Metos   pushed   Falx   away   and   stood   up:   „   Is   that   happening   Damon?“   Damon   grinned   broadly:   „No,   nothing   has   happened   to me.   The   door   could   not   be   destroyed.“   Falx   also   stood   up   again   and   rubbed   his   arms:   „   It's   like   a   lightning   hit   me.“   Verentia   shacked   her   head   and touched   the   door   handle:   „If   a   lightning   hit   you,   you   would   be   dead.“   They   turned   the   doorknob   and   pressed   against   the   door.   When   nothing   happened, she   tried   to   pull   it   over.   „Um“,   did   she.   „What   um?“   hissed   Damon,   „It's   not   working.   We   must   look   for   another   way.“   Nolens   volens    -   willy-nilly“, Dimicatio   agreed.   Metos   was   pleased,   that   Dimicatio   had   translated   this   time,   what   he   gave   of   himself.   Damon   growled,   however,   and   changed immediately   his   mind:   „There   must   be   a   way   through   this   door.“   Dimicatio   tried   not   to   smile,   but   he   couldn’t.   Damon   and   Verentia   began   to   read   the inscriptions   on   the   walls.   While   Falx   gently   touched   the   door:   „How   can   a   door   repel   you?“   Metos   stood   behind   him   and   shrugged:   „Do   not   say   anything bad   about   the   door.   I   do   not   want   to   catch   you   again.“   Dimicatio   sat   down   to   the   lazy   gang   demons,   which   did   not   stir   a   finger:   „Non   possumus.“    „Vero?“   answered   one   of   the   demons.   „Certum“ ,   spoke   Dimicatio   back.   The   demons   looked   at   each   other   in   astonishment.   „Are   you   really   sure?“   asked   one   of   the demons   again.   Dimicatio   grinned:   „I   said   that   already.   It's   impossible   and   I'm   sure.“   One   of   the   demons   stood   up:   „Than   I   go.   It’s   only   a   waste   of   time.“ The   other   demons   nodded   and   followed   his   example.   Dimicatio   also   stood   up,   but   returned   to   the   four   others:   „   The   five   are   now   also   gone.   So   we   are only   among   ourselves.“   Falx   laughed:   „They   were   no   help   anyway,   more   of   a   burden.“   Damon   growled:   „We   could   still   use   them.   We   do   not   know   how strong   the   origin   of   the   light   is.   Their   forces   could   have   supported   us.“   „Now   it   is   anyway   not   to   change“,   remarked   Verentia   while   further   she   read   the inscriptions.   „Fiat   lux“ ,   read   Falx   loud,   who   had   just   discovered   these   words   under   the   doorknob.   As   soon   as   he   had   said   it,   the   door   opened   like   magic. Damon   rolled   his   eyes:   „Let   there   be   light?   That   should   have   been   clear   to   us.“   As   they   enter   the   room   behind   it,   this   was   brightly   lit   by   torches.   The   room was   round   on   the   outside   and   on   the   edge   stood   columns   decorated   everywhere.   In   the   center   of   the   room   was   a   fountain   with   splashing   water.   The whole   room   seemed   to   be   built   of   white   marble.   Damon   walked   up   to   the   fountain.   The   other   four   still   looked   around   the   room.   His   gaze   fell   upon   the inscription   of   the   fountain   Lux   aeterna .   With   one   hand   he   stroked   the   writing:   „Eternal   light…“   He   climbed   into   the   fountain,   so   he   stood   with   his   feet   in the   water.   He   stretched   out   his   hand   to   the   splashing   water,   when   he   touched   them,   all   the   water   shone;   it   flew   up   and   built   a   luminous   sphere.   Dimicatio leaped   at   Damon   and   threw   him   down:   „   Do   not   touch   them!   You   do   not   know   what   you're   doing!“   Damon   laughed:   „I   knew   you   were   a   traitor!“   They rolled   around   in   the   fountain,   at   the   same   time   they   struck   each   other   with   their   fists.   Falx   and   Metos   ran   toward   them.   They   packed   Dimicatio   and pulled   him   away   from   Damon.   Damon   grinned:   „Ha!   Now   you   can   watch,   how   I   will   destroy   the   light!“   Dimicatio   once   closed   his   eyes   painfully   before   he opened   them   again:   „Dum   spiro   spero.“ *    Damon   began   to   collect   all   his   power,   the   deepest   darkness   he   conjured   up   He   sent   these   demonic   power   to   the light   ball.   The   darkness   circled   only   the   ball,   and   then   it   penetrated   into   the   light.   There   was   a   loud   bang.   All   five   demons   were   thrown   against   the   wall   by the   explosion.   When   the   smoke   cleared,   there   stood   two   bats   where   the   fountain   stood   and   only   remnants   of   stone   remembered   about   the   status   before. One   of   the   bats   was   black   as   night   with   a   few   blood-red   spots   on   ears   and   head.   The   other   was   white   as   snow   with   golden   points,   just   like   the   other   bat. The   black   bat   adorned   an   antler,   while   the   white   bat   had   at   same   place   two   tiny   white   wings.   The   five   stared   in   bewilderment   at   the   two   bats.   Damon stood   up   and   growled:   „Who   are   you?“   „I‘m   Gabriel“,   answered   the   white   bat.   Shortly   after,   the   black   bat   continued:   „   And   I’m   the   prince   of   darkness, Satan.“   Metos   shuddered   at   Satan:   „If   you   are   the   prince   of   darkness,   then   that   is…“   Gabriel   nick:   „The   prince   of   light.“   Damon   immediately   attacked Gabriel,   who   was   evading   him.   „Why   so   hostile,   Damon?“,   asked   Gabriel,   „You   finally   created   us.   Before,   we   were   only   a   part   of   the   light   and   the darkness.   Two   brothers,   which   created   by   the   world's   balance.“   Horror   began   to   spread   on   Damon's   face:   „I?   I   created   you?“   Satan   laughed   darkly: „That's   the   way   it   is.   Unfortunately,   we   are   tied   to   you,   but   as   I   can   see,   you   can’t   die.“   Now   Damon   was   even   more   confused:   „I   cannot   die?“   The   other demons   repeated   it   almost   at   the   same   time   and   as   stunned:   „He   cannot   die?“   Satan   turned   away.   He   had   no   interest   in   such   a   conversation:   „I disappear!“   With   these   words   he   dissolved   into   black   feathers   and   nothing,   only   a   smoky   smell   reminding,   that   he   was   once   been   there.   Gabriel,   however, showed   himself   more   patiently:   „You   have   a   special   ability,   Damon.   If   you   are   dying,   you   won’t   be   able   to   get   in   the   hereafter   like   other   souls   it   do.   Your soul   will   wander   over   the   world   and   finally   reborn.   So   that   your   rebirth   doesn‘t   tear   us   to   death,   I   will   already   determine   now,   which   special   ability   you will   get.“   Damon   growled:   „What?   You   do   not   have   the   right   to   do   that   at   all!“   But   before   he   could   give   any   further   words,   Gabriel   stretched   out   his   hand and   a   light   appeared   around   Damon   for   a   moment.   Damon   looked   down,   confused:   „What   for   …?“   But   when   he   looked   to   Gabriel   again,   he   was   already disappeared and only one last white feather dissolves in nothingness, while it smelled fresh in the room like a spring morning. Satan   and   Gabriel   had   both   set   out   to   create   their   empires.   They   split   up   the   hereafter.   Satan   founded   the   hell   into   which   all   evil   souls   would   return   after their   death.   It   was   an   infinitely   wide   cave,   with   lava   flows,   which   could   be   crossed   by   small   circular   bridges.   There   was   a   lot   of   ash   and   dust   that   either collected   on   the   ground   or   polluted   the   air.   A   lava   drench   surrounded   a   dark   castle,   and   you   could   be   only   crossed   the   lava   drench   over   two   bridges. Above   the   castle   circled   the   bats   and   stone   creatures   decorated   it.   There   Satan   would   live   in   his   throne   room,   half   so   dark   that   even   demons   did   not   have enough   eyesight   to   recognize   something.   Gabriel   created   the   heaven.   The   whole   floor   was   covered   with   the   most   beautiful   flowers,   which   all   were constantly   blossoming.   In   the   middle   of   the   flowers   stood   a   white   castle,   adorned   with   white   crow   statues.   Even   Gabriel   created   for   himself   a throne   room,   but   this   was   brightly   lit,   so   much   so   that   it   hurts   everyone   else   in   the   eyes   to   look   into   it.   But   both   of   them   were   lonely and   so   they   created   their   own   creatures.   Satan   called   them   the   hell   demons.   They   were   inspired   on   ordinary   animals,   but   much   larger. In   addition,   they   have   neither   fur   nor   an   intact   body.   In   many   points   of   their   body   you   could   see   muscles   or   tendons,   or   even   the skeleton   of   the   hell   demon.   It   almost   seems   as   if   they   are   rotting.   Gabriel,   on   the   other   hand,   created   creatures   from   pure   light.   He baptized   them   angels   and   himself   he   appointed   to   Archangel   Gabriel.   You   could   see   through   the   angel,   they   had   bodies   and   wings   of light,   her   arms   could   be   seen   as   well   as   her   hands,   but   they   did   not   seem   to   have   legs.   They   sang   wonderful   songs   and   formed   choirs. Soon   the   already   existing   souls   from   the   hereafter   were   divided.   Satan   locked   her   up   in   the   most   remote   corner   of   hell.   But   Gabriel   let his   souls   free   to   wander   in   heaven.   Many   also   sang   with   the   angels.   Gabriel   and   Satan,   however,   spent   most   of   their   time   in   their throne rooms. *You can read the translation, if you hold your mouse over the Latin text.