Welcome on the website of “Karasu no shugo Tenshi”! Dear Readers, Fans, and Guests,   This   is   the   website   from   the   fantasy-anthro-story   "Karasu   no   shugo   Tenshi".   In English   the   title   of   the   story   is   "Guardian   Angel   of   a   Crow",   in   German   it   is "Schutzengel   einer   Krähe".   That   sounds   crazy,   but   we   think,   if   you   read   the story,   you   will   understand   it.   Originally,   the   main   characters   are   fan   characters to   the   games   from   "Sonic   the   Hedgehog"   by   "SEGA".   But   now,   they   have   their own   story.   The   main   characters   are   La   Mare   (by   Angelfeather13)   and   Apollon (by Luna42). The story is composed of two parts: "The   Prophecy   of   Light"   is   a   story   about   heaven   and   hell.   The   two   Princes   (the Prince   of   Light   and   the   Prince   of   Darkness)   changed   the   balance   of   the   world and   gave   them   a   new   structure.   The   main   story   starts   with   the   executioner   of the   devil,   named   Corvus.   But   Corvus   is   more   than   a   servant,   and   more   as   he think. "Angelwhispers"   is   a   Story   about   a   mystic   and   wonderful   island   with   a   bad history.   The   island   was   created   by   a   witch   with   a   dangerous   spell.   The   main story   starts   with   the   life   of   a   little   child,   named   La   Mare,   but   she   isn't   a   normal girl.   She   is   a   rose   angel,   may   be   the   last   of   the   world,   and   someone   is   hunting her. Her escape will be the hardest fight in her life. Both   storys   are   together   "Karasu   no   shugo   Tenshi".   The   two   stories   join   in   Part 5   from   "The   Prophecy   of   Light"   and   Part   11   and   12   from   "Angelswhispers".   It   is not   easy   to   write   such   a   long   story   with   so   many   species   and   characters   so   we hope   you   like   our   story.   Please   use   the   contact   link   for   your   comments   or   give us your feedback on the Fanclub. The   story   write   Luna42,   and   the   manga   make   Angelfeather13.      Attention!   The   manga   parts   and   chapters   are   different   to   the   story.   The   manga   starts   not with Part 1 from the story!   All drawings from the manga, profiles, and so on are from Angelfeather13.   We   would   like   to   say   "Thank   you"   to   PrincessOfDarkness   for   your   support,   and   the   nice   Fanclub   idea   on   deviantArt.   And   we   would   like   to   say   "Thank   you" to Lini-Chan for their support, for their great ideas and beautiful characters. You are both so great!   We hope you enjoy reading our story and manga!
News and Updates 2018-04-08 Some    corrections    after    changing    of    the    hosting    partner.    Furthermore,    you    can    also    use www.karasu-no-shugo-tenshi.com . 2018-01-01 Happy   New   Year!   We   also   work   on   the   story   and   manga   in   this   year!   First   on   the   German   site, but the English version will follow. 2017-12-25 Merry Christmas for everyone! 2017-05-14 Happy Mother’s Day! Impressum is updated. 2017-05-13 Angelfeather13 is streaming since 1 p.m. (GMT+2). 2017-05-11 The Halbody Sketch Comissions from Angelfeather13 now open. Check out the Comission page. 2017-05-07 Some profiles are now online. Click on the picture to open the profile of the character. 2017-05-06 The   Comissions   page   is   finished.   You   can   find   there   the   actual   prices   for   the   Comissions   from   Angelfeather13.   Please   excuse   the   long   waiting   time   for   the Comissions. Angelfeather13 is sick, and she try her best. Thank you for understanding! 2017-04-16 Happy Easter! 2017-04-14 Good   Friday   everyone!   We   hope   you   all   can   enjoy   the   easter   holidays.   Angelfeather   finished   the   Lightelf   today.   It   is   such   a   beautiful   picutre,   isn’t   it?   You can   find   it   on   the   Species   Page   for   the   Elves.   Furthermore,   Angelfeather   have   now   a   reagular   stream   time.   It   is   Saturday   at   8   p.m.   UTC+2   (summertime)   or for the US it is Saturday at 2 p.m. UTC-5. The stream is planed to show on Picarto. Check out her channel! 2017-03-27 Learn more about the world of "Karasu no shugo Tenshi". 2017-02-11 About us is now updated. Attention! Satan is there! :P
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